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File is an online free file converter that assists you in altering the formats of your data.

The website provides you with conversion services along with other information related to the subject.

Converter categories available include video conversion and audio conversion, without having the need to install separate software.

File converter.XYZ allows conversion of a file to 3gp format without a hassle, so that you can view it on whatever tech equipment you own.


What is the 3gp file format?

3GP file is a multimedia file that is preserved in an audio or video format. This kind of file is transfer-friendly, and you can share it between applications that support 3G such as mobile phones and laptops via the internet.

A 3GP file is based on the ISO media file format and stores videos and audios as H.263 or H.264 and AMR-WB, AMR-WB+, AMR-NB, HE-AAC v1, AAC-LC, or Enhanced aacPlus, respectively.


These files are suitable for gadgets that support 3G but can also be played on selective 2G and 4G cell phones. They can be transferred to laptops and computers where you can play them via different supportive programs such as Microsoft movies and TV, Apple QuickTime Player, or VideoLAN VLC media player.


How to convert to 3gp using our platform

Because of the user-friendly design, it is effortless to navigate through the website, even if you have never visited it before.

When you visit the homepage, you will see two squares. One of them is labeled as a Video converter and the other as an Audio converter. Click on one of them as per your requirements.


The video file converter supports the following formats:



Format supported by the audio file converter are the following:



Next, since in this particular scenario, you are concerned with conversion to 3gp, you will select the video file converter.

The website will give you the option to choose the file that you want to upload for conversion. You can choose the file from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or even through a URL from an online source.

Choose the file that you want to upload and press the 3GP button.

Underneath, you will see a bar giving you a list of various resolutions. Choose your preferred option or let it stay the same as the original source. Hit the convert now button and let the website do the rest.


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Why convert 3gp

3GP format was designed to lower the amount of storage used and the bandwidth required for video files. They allow you to share the content privately with other supportive gadgets. Fast streaming and easy download is the main reason why you should switch to 3GP format. Lower-end smart-phones, with not a lot of storage and speed, will easily support this kind of file format.


Other formats Vs. 3gp

The biggest reason why 3GP is preferred over other file formats, such as MP4 and AVI, is because the former is easily supported by most kinds of cell phones, new or old. Depending on your requirements, 3GP is a better choice if you intend to play videos on your smart-phone and share them with your fellows and family.


Final word

In conclusion, if you are looking for a format to play your old videos or a supportive file type for your old smart-phone, 3GP will be your best choice. With, you can convert any video file you want into 3GP format in no time.