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In this day and age, it seems like we are more dependent on technology than ever. While this makes for a very convenient life in some aspects, it also means that we have many different file types to wrangle. Luckily, a number of sites have popped up in recent years that allow users to convert files from one format to another; out of this crowded field, is one of the best when it comes to security and ease of use. This site allows you to convert one type of file to another in order to use it with different programs. So if you need to know how to convert to AMR- or many other file formats- read on for a guide to, one of the best online audio converters available.

But before we get too deep into this topic, it may be helpful to have a better understanding of what an AMR file is. It is not one of the more common audio file formats, like MP3 or WAV, but it still has a number of uses, so you might need to convert your files to this format one day. AMR files, which stands for Adaptive Multi-Rate audio, are a very common format for sending audio between cell phones. It is normally used for speech recordings, so it isn't the best for other forms of audio, like music, but if you need to send voice recordings to another cell phone, you might need to convert to AMR in order to send your files more easily.

This is where comes in! This online audio converter is very easy to use; simply select the file format you want your new file in (in this case, AMR) then use the built in file browser to choose the file you want to convert. Your new file is just a button press away; makes the process very easily; you don't need to be a computer expert to convert your files yourself.

Something that many users are rightfully concerned about the security of their files when they use programs like this. After all, we have to be careful about outside companies having access to our personal files and information. But with you can rest easy. The site does not use your personal information, and only interacts with the files that you specifically asked to be converted. So if you use the cloud to convert your files, will only have access to those files that you are actually working with. The site won't poke around in information that you did not request them to convert.


But why would you need to convert to AMR? As always, it will vary from person to person based on their own specific needs and wants. Typically, though, AMR files are typically used by 3G cell phones to send and store voice recordings. So if you want to send a voice memo to someone through a cell phone or smart phone, converting to AMR could be your best option for good quality and small file size.

AMR files are also very different from other audio formats, such as MP3 or WAV. While those types of formats can be used for all audio recordings, from music to voice recordings, AMR files are really only good for recordings of human speech. If you try to convert a song, for example, to AMR, it will come out sounding compressed and distorted. But while it isn't the best for music, AMR is perfect for recordings of speeches or interviews that you want to send to another cell phone or smart phone.


File conversion can feel a little intimidating; there are so many sites offering this service, with so many options to convert, it is difficult to find a service that you trust. is a great choice for a number of file formats, particularly less common ones like AMR files types. And you can be sure that with this online audio converter that your files and personal information remain safe and private; you can also be confident that the process overall is extremely simple and straightforward. So if you need to convert to AMR- or any number of other audio or video formats, is your best option.