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Are you looking for a free online platform to convert your MP4 files to FLV format? Is buying an online account or downloading separate software too much of a hassle for you? If yes, you will enjoy your experience at Here, you can not only convert your file to your favorite format but can also learn about which type of file you should go for and why.


What is FLV File Format?

FLV, short for Flash Video, is a file format that utilizes Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Air. The purpose of this file type is to transfer videos and audios across the internet. This particular format is used as a standard file type by most online platforms, such as the well-known website, YouTube, because of how smooth it is in terms of streaming.

You can create an FLV file using the Adobe animate that includes a feature called Flash Video Exporter plugin. However, it does not mean that the file is restricted to this particular program only. It can be opened using Adobe free flash player or other third-party platforms such as VLC player ANVsoft Web FLV player and the free PlayerXtreme media player, which allows you to open an FLV file on your mobile phone tablet or other small gadgets.

Nevertheless, not all systems support FLV. For example, Adobe flash is not operational on iOS devices so you cannot run FLV files on such a gadget.


How to convert to FLV:

Web developers at realize that it can be confusing for beginners to understand how this conversion procedure works. While keeping this in mind, the website has been created with a user-friendly design so that you can learn it within seconds without wasting your time and energy.

If it still looks new and intimidating, here are some simple steps you can follow to convert your file into FLV format.

Start by opening the home-page of the website and click on the video converter window. Doing this will take you directly to a new screen. Here, you can open the file you want to convert.

The website gives you the option to choose a file from your gadget, Google Drive, Dropbox, or from a separate URL. Moving on, click on the file format that you want to go for, in this case, FLV. Decide the resolution of your final product by clicking on the bar underneath. You will see several different options to choose from, including the choice to maintain the resolution the same as the source.

Finally, click on the "convert now" button and let do its job.


Security and Privacy:

While giving your private information such as your name e-mail address and phone number, you can be completely satisfied and stress-free. The website does not allow a third-party to interfere with your personal data, nor does the website sell, consume or exchange your information for its own benefits. Your data is stored in the servers for 12 hours after you visit the website and is automatically deleted afterward. However, reserves the right to change its privacy policy without previously notifying its users. Giving your information to the website provides your consent for your file and information to be accessed.


Why should you convert to FLV?

The top advantages of converting to an FLV format include the fact that it gives you the opportunity of importing and exporting static video streaming in a smooth, efficient way. Similarly, an FLV format is supported by most web pages so you can view audio and video files easily via a Flash browser plugin. The size of these files and how easy they are to download is also a popular reason why web users love this format. Lastly, this kind of file is multi-purpose and can be used for songs, movies, presentations, animations, and other transferable data.


Other Formats Vs. FLV:

What sets a flash video file apart is that it has a short header, interleaved audio, video, as well as metadata packets. The reason it is preferred over other formats such as MP4 is that FLV files are easier to run on mobile devices and tablets. They run smoothly and have a better streaming quality. While many people debate over the versatility of FLV file formats, it is, without a doubt, a popular option when looking for internet video and audio data transfer.


Final Word:

FLV files are ideal for video and audio transfer across the internet. Its advantages and unique characteristics differentiate it from other formats such as MP4. help you convert your files into FLV by following a few simple steps.