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If you're a music fan between 20 and 40 years old, chances are you've a lot of MP3 songs on your device. But maybe you're thinking about changing your precious library, to a format that offers you more quality in less space, like M4A — because probably you are also an Apple fan.

OK, then you're planning to change your old MP3 audio collection to M4A, but you want to do it fast and without complications; let me give you a free tip: try

Why, you wonder. Easy to use, you can convert from MP3 to M4A in just five easy steps, and you don't have to worry about being attacked by a crew of hackers. Want more?

But, What is Exactly M4A?

MPEG-4 is a container for audio and video files, and usually it uses the file extension ".mp4"; when these "containers" only include audio files, they use the ".m4a" file extension.

So, M4A is a MP4 containing only audio files.

This format was originally developed to replace the MP3 format, but it became popular when Apple Inc. started to use it in iTunes and iPod devices.

M4A is specially designed to provide high-quality sound codification in a small size file. They usually are non-protected audio files that can use both the M4A and M4P file extensions.

How to Convert to M4A using

OK, now that you're excited about converting all your files from MP3 to MP4 (or from any other format) let's go to work!

Using is a really easy task; you don't need to worry about setting complicated parameters, it's just a matter of following five easy steps — only be sure you have a stable internet connection:


  • On you favorite web browser go to the website
  • On the main page, scroll down and find the tag "MK4 AUDIO CONVERTER". There you can select your preferred option, in our case MP3 to M4A
  • Now you only need to select your source file's location; it can be a physical storage device, a cloud-based storage or just a website's URL.
  • Now select the output bit rate you prefer; you can choose between 64, 128, 192 and 320 kbps — the higher, the better the quality.
  • Click or tap on the "Convert Now" button and wait a moment for the conversion to be done. OK, now download your file, and you're done!


As you can see, this process won't take you more than a couple of minutes or seconds, depending on you source's file size and your internet connection speed.

What are the's Security Features?

But it's no all about ease of use, proficiency and speed; you also need to feel confident about what other people are doing with your files and information.

In this regard, can offer to you:


  • No installation of any software to monitor your online activity.
  • No unauthorized access to any of your devices, neither physical nor online
  • No unauthorized port scanning.
  • No unauthorized use of any private data you could provide.
  • Allows manual deletion of any file you upload to the servers.


So, you can be sure this a serious and legal service you can trust.

Why would you want to convert to M4A?

Let's be straight with this:

  • Higher quality and smaller file size thanks to the ALAC and AAC decoding and compression algorithms.
  • Even after compression, a M4A file can be decoded to its original quality.
  • Each time, more and more companies are supporting M4A.
  • M4A audio files usually don't have DRM protection, so they can be edited and distributed with more freedom.
  • You can play M4A files in many different audio players like: Apple iTunes, Apple QuickTime, MS Windows Media Player, Winamp Media Player, Roxio Creator, NCH Swift Sound WavePad, etc.


Other Formats vs M4A

Let's check out in few words, the advantages/disadvantages of the main audio formats in the market:


  • CDA: is the more standard among all the formats.
  • WAV: very good to record voices, but bad quality for music.
  • MP3: widely used and accessible, but not the best quality.
  • WMA: similar to MP3, but slightly higher quality.
  • OGG: similar to MP3 and WMA, but is open source (free)
  • APE: high quality, but it has limited support by players.
  • FLAC: high quality, high compatibility and open source.
  • M4A: high quality, mid-level support by players


The main advantage is that M4A can offer high-quality while occupying less space. Though it's gaining more and more support from many companies, it's very popular among Apple fans.

Final Words

So, if you've made your decision yet, and you want to switch your audio files to M4A, you need a good M4A File Converter you can access from any device in a fast, easy and secure manner. won't disappoint you; give it a try, and you'll agree with me.