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MP2 format is similar to MP3. MP3 may have been the more popular format these days due to technological advancements but MP2 is still the most commonly used audio format in radio and TV broadcasting. Indeed, it is even the standard format for the aforementioned activities. It has great error resistance and sound quality even with its smaller size.


Fileconverter,xyz is an online audio and video file converter that you can use for free. You may convert various audio and video files to:

(MP3) (MP4) (AVI) (MOV) (MPEG) (FLV) (WMV) (WEB) (GIF) (MKV) (WAV) (M4A) (FLAC) (OGG) (MP2) (AMR)


This website is also very easy to navigate so even if you are not techie or knowledgeable in software and web pages, you can easily understand how this website works and you can swiftly navigate through it and convert your files to a different format.


What is the mp2 File Format?

Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG which is a group of ISO began to standardize audio and video file coding in the late 1980s for digital radio and TV broadcasting. The MPEG-1 audio standard was developed. It included three separate audio layers, namely MP1 for Layer I, MP2 for Layer II, and MP3 for Layer III. The MP2 was developed in the mid-1990s and people started to use it to broadcast audio. The MP3 format was further developed to compress files even more but still could not replace the MP2 for broadcasting purposes.


MP2 file format or MPEG Audio Layer 2 file format are files used with MPEG Audio Stream. These files are compressed so that their size is reduced. MP2 files are available to be used and opened in a variety of websites, devices, and software.


Why Convert files to mp2?

You convert files to MP2 because MP2 is a smaller file format. It is also useful since it can be used and opened in a lot of applications. There are times when what you need are MP2 files to fit in your CD or on your device and MP2 file formats still have great quality. They are usually used for broadcasting on digital radio and TV. Nowadays, podcasts are becoming trendy once again. MP2 file formats with their compression and size are perfect for podcasts.


Other Format vs mp2

MP2 formats are smaller than other file formats. They can be opened or accessed in Apple iTunes, Microsoft Windows Media Player, VideoLAN VLC Media Player, Adobe Audition CC, Nullsoft Winamp, and others.



How to Convert mp2 to using our platform?

Converting files from a different format to MP2 is really easy with Here are the steps to just that:


a. You need an audio file to be converted to an MP2 file.

Make sure that it is in your computer, on your Google Drive, Dropbox, or you have a URL of it because these are the platforms that is capable of extracting files from.


b. Go to the website

On your search bar on your web browser, type Your web browser will direct you to the homepage of On the Free Audio Converter Online, click the drop-down button and select MP2. This will direct you again to a different web page. Or you may go down below on the web page and look for the MP2 column. There you will see a list of files that you can convert to MP2, particularly: MP3 to MP2, WAV to MP2, FLAC to MP2, M4A to MP2, OGG to MP2, and AMR to MP2. Choose which one works best for you. Again, this will direct you to a new web page.


c. Start the conversion

On your new page, start uploading the file you plan to convert. You may choose Open File and upload it from the files on your device or import it from Google Drive, Dropbox, or from a URL. Once your file has already been uploaded, make sure that the format it will be converted to is MP2. Choose the resolution of your file. Click Convert Now and your file will be converted. Wait for a few seconds. This may even take minutes depending on your internet speed and the size of the file you are converting.


d. Download

Your file is now converted and ready for download. Download your MP2 file from


What is our platform's security and facility features for visitors? is an online audio or video file converter that is secure and prioritizes its users very well. does not ask for information from its users and it does not extract information from them. What this web site accesses only will be the file that you ask it to convert. And even with that, the file that you uploaded to this site only lasts in it for 12 hours at most. It will be deleted in 12 hours after use or less. It also does not access your Dropbox, your computer, or your Google Drive even if you get your file from them.


This website also does not charge you for your conversion even if you convert one file, two, or a hundred. It even has features such as blog posts from which you may get knowledge from about the various file formats, the importance of each, and how to use them.


Final Word

Converting files to and from MP2 format is easy. It just takes a computer, the file itself, and an internet connection to do it. is the perfect online audio and video converter. You can access it for free and it is not a scam. It can convert your files to MP2 format and can also convert your MP2 files to other formats.