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Are you working on a project that requires a file to be in a specific format that it is not? Are you trying to open a file but it is not compatible with the software and applications you have? Or perhaps you're trying to view a file but it won't open because of its format? Such hassle it is when this happens, right? The solution to this problem is right in front of you. is a website that converts audio and video files to other formats for free. You just visit the website, click on the file format that corresponds to the format that you need, and the format of the file that you have, upload the file into the website, wait for a few seconds, and voila! Your newly converted file is ready for download! This website is absolutely secure so you don't have to worry that your files might be stolen or used by other sources, or that your computer will be hacked. It also 100% works so you don't have to worry that you'll waste some of your precious time that your file won't be converted after all because it definitely will be.


What is MP3 File Format?

There are many file formats to choose from in It is not like one of those sites that are only capable of converting files into a single format. One of the file conversions that it is capable of is converting video to MP3. And is absolutely one of the best MP3 file converters out there. But first of all, what is MP3 file format? The MP3 file format is an audio file format that can easily be opened through various applications. It can also easily be uploaded on various web platforms and is very easy to use.


How to Convert MP3 to using

To convert to MP3 format using, here is a step by step guide:Open on your web browser.

# Once the website is open, you may choose between two options. The first is to click the drop-down option on the Free Audio Converter Online option and select MP3. It will direct you to a new page.

# Or select among the options below in the columns and choose from what format you will convert to MP3 such as MKV to MP3, MP4 to MP3, WEBM to MP3 and WMV to MP3.

# Once you have selected an option, you will be directed to a new page. This is where the uploading process will occur.

# To upload your file, you may choose to open it from the files stored in your computer by clicking the green Open File button or you may upload it from Google Drive, Dropbox, or if you have a link.

# Make sure that you have selected the right format in which your file will be converted into.

# Choose the resolution from the drop-down list.

# Select the green Convert Now button.

# Wait for a few seconds for your file to be processed. This also depends on the speed of your internet connection.

# Your file is now ready for download!

# Download the converted file.


What is security and facility for visitors of

The security and facility for visitors of are that the website is very easy to navigate. It does not pose any threat to privacy. It also does not collect personal information from the computer and the users. Once a file is uploaded to, it is automatically deleted for not more than 12 hours after it has been uploaded to the site to be used for file conversion processes, Therefore, you may ensure that your data and information is safe.


Why Convert files to MP3?

We convert files to MP3 because MP3 files are smaller and are easier to use. When you have an MP3 file, it is easier to find an application that can work with it or software that can open it. Since it is smaller, you can easily store it and share it with other people and to other devices, unlike WAV or AIF files which tend to be larger in size. With this, you get to store more MP3 files and get the most out of your storage capacity.


Other Formats vs MP3 format?

Other formats are not as flexible as MP3 format. MP3 format, although a smaller format than others is available for use in various software while still maintaining the quality of the audio file. It can be opened in VLC, Windows Media Player, Apple iTunes, and other streaming platforms.



If you need to convert your files to MP3 file format, then your go-to website is It is a fast website that can provide your file conversion needs for free without hidden charges. It is also fast and reliable. It has security features to ensure your safety.