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What is

File conversion can be a tricky business if you don't know what file you want to convert to and how the website works. can solve your formatting problems. Here, you

can convert your data into any format you want within a matter of minutes, that too, for free, without downloading separate software.


What is an Ogg format?

Developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation, Ogg format is a free audio file supported by various modern music players, both software and portable types. The format is designed to provide smooth streaming and efficient, high-quality digital multimedia transactions. It supports audio, video, subtitles, and metadata.

Ogg formats are free and are not subject to any copyright restrictions. Their diversity in terms of supportive platforms makes it a crowd favorite for people who wish to work with high-quality multimedia.


Associated programs with this type of format include Apple QuickTime Player, Real Player, and Windows Media Player.


How to convert to Ogg using

It is very easy to operate The design is easy to understand and navigate through. If you still want to save some time and energy, the following are some easy steps you can follow to convert your data into the Ogg file format.

There are two ways of doing this.

Go to the homepage of the website. There, you will see two purple borders labeled as "Free Video converter online" and "Free Audio converter online." Since you are looking for an Ogg format, click on the bar in the Free Audio converter online window and select Ogg.

If not, look at the right side of the screen when you open the homepage. You will see a window labeled as "Converter" with two options, namely "Free Video converter online" and "Free Audio converter online." When you click on the Free Audio converter online bar, it will give you several options to convert your file into various formats. From all these options, click on the convert Ogg option.

Both of these ways will take you to the same screen. Here, you will be allowed to open the file that you want to convert. You can choose your desired data from the gadget in use, Google Drive, Dropbox, or copy a URL from the internet. When you have selected your file, click on "Audio converter" and select the Ogg option. Underneath this, you will find a bar for Resolution. When you click on it, this bar will allow you to choose from many resolutions or let the final result be the same as the source. Click on convert now and what's your file being converted to Ogg format within minutes.


Security and privacy for visitors:

The privacy policy of has been set to satisfy its visitors. It is understandable that people are concerned with their private data being misused. The website assures you that your data will not be misused or manipulated by the site or by a third party. does not collaborate with third parties to buy, sell, or exchange personal information of its clients.

When you visit the website, you will be asked for information such as your name email address and your phone number for purposes of updates and newsletters only. The intention behind asking for this information is to improve your experience with the website. Your data is stored in the servers for as long as 12 hours once you visit the site. It is then automatically deleted.

It is to be acknowledged that reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any moment without prior notification to its visitors.


Why you should convert to Ogg:

The top reason you should switch to Ogg formats is that these files are smaller in size and easier to manipulate, but they are also better quality than MP3 and MP4 files at the same bit rate.

With better quality, secure transactions, smooth streaming, and smaller size, it's all about easy math.


Other formats Vs. Ogg:

The significant difference between an Ogg Vorbis file and an MP3 file is their size. Ogg formats are much smaller than MP3 but of better quality. They work especially great with high-frequency sounds and complex data.

Another significant advantage of an Ogg file is that it can contain surround sound channels, including the standard to stereo channels, which is not possible with other formats.


Final word:

Ogg format is a popular file type to store audio files that have a smaller size, but better quality, than MP4 and other forms. This type of file allows smooth streaming and fast transactions over the internet, without costing you a lot of time and money. The file format is supported by various platforms readily available everywhere, and with, you can convert your favorite file into Ogg in no time.