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WMV is one of the most used video formats for this, but creating content in this format can be a little annoying, especially if you don't have the time or knowledge. Wouldn't it be much better switching from your phone/camera's native format to WMV format by just clicking a couple of times?

Well, for this you can use the new online tool to switch your video to WMV, and have the job done.

But you know what? It won't cost you any time, headaches, or money!

Let's see how it works.

First: About the WMV File Format

WMV stands for Windows Media Video and it's a very popular multimedia format developed by Microsoft. It was originally designed to compete against other streaming video formats, so you can imagine that’s one of its main applications.

Basically, it's like a container having different files; you will see only one file, but in reality, there are three: video, audio, and codec.

It's also a standard for distribution in Blu-ray discs and many other modern devices like videogames consoles. There are also a lot of player programs supporting this format.

How can you Convert to WMV using

The website has an integrated WMV File Converter you can use without paying any fee.

It can't be easier changing from one format to another because it only takes about five simple steps. Let's see...


As it's an online converter, you can access it from any device/computer you have at hand. You only need a stable internet connection.

Once you're in the website, find the WMV Video Converter tool where you can select from different formats for your original file.

You're now on the conversion tool webpage where you can upload (from physical or cloud-based storage) your original file.

There you can choose whether leaving the resolution "Same as source" or changing it to a different one.

Wait just a few minutes for the conversion and download your file!


Conversion time may vary depending on the size of the original file and your internet connection speed. is also a Website you can Trust

As clearly stated in their Privacy Policy, the file converter website doesn't follow any obscure practice regarding the invasion of your privacy. There is no software installation for monitoring your online activity, neither unauthorized access to your storage devices.

On the other hand, if you voluntarily provide some of your personal data, you can be sure they won't use it for spamming purposes — you can even email them to remove the data you provided.

Why would you want to convert to WMV?

WMV is a format originally created for streaming, so you can expect to have good results if that what's you need.

The previous affirmation makes sense when you compare the quality of the video against other formats, but with the additional advantage of occupying less space.

Another advantage this format has is the retro-compatibility with older applications like previous versions of MS Office — very useful if you have an old computer.


WMV against other formats

Windows Media Video stays in a good position between most of the popular video formats. The main reasons for this are:


It's a standard in a big portion of the market as it's owned by Microsoft.

The format can keep high-quality even in high-compressed files.

It's compatible and ideal for video/streaming platforms 


Actually, the main competitors for WMV are the MP4 and MKV file formats which offer similar benefits — but each one also has its unique and special features.

In any case, the main reason for selecting one or another option between these three formats will depend on your needs.

Final Words

Whether you're thinking about creating content for any video or streaming platform, or you just want to enjoy the other advantages the WMV format can offer, chances are you're going to need a file conversion tool. is one of the best options on the