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What is WAV


The Waveform Audio File Format or WAV standard is one of the earliest audio file formats around. The WAV standard was established in 1991 by IBM and Microsoft to store audio content.

A WAV file is uncompressed and uses a high bitrate. The layout ensures the lossless audio quality. The design works for professional presentations or physical media forms. The audio you hear on a compact disc or a movie disc may be in the WAV format, as it produces the best-quality sound every time.

A WAV file includes the uncompressed raw audio content and details on how many tracks the audio features. The sound may be in mono or stereo. The sample rate and bit depth are also in the file.

The WAV format is useful for how it can be played back on both Windows and Mac OS setups. You can also edit a WAV because you don't need to encode or decode anything. Various popular media playback programs can also play WAVs, including Windows Media Player, the iTunes player, Winamp, and the VLC Media Player.

But at the same time, the WAV format takes up more disk space. A minute-long file can take up about 10 MB of disk space. A WAV can be up to 4 GB, as a file larger than this cannot be encoded or decoded due to the immense data in the content.

The vast size of a WAV file makes it hard to store on computers or devices. It is also difficult to share such content online. As a result, people are looking at more efficient alternatives to the WAV format. The MP3 format is one of these choices.


Additional information about WAV file format


File extension .WAV
File category AUDIO
Additional information about WAV is also Known as WAVE is an abbreviation for Waveform Audio File Format. This is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format standard for storing an audio bitstream on PCs
Additional information



Useful links http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/formats/fdd/fdd000001.shtml#identification
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