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How to Convert VIDEO to FLV

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What is is a versatile, all-in-one service that helps you convert various file formats. You can convert video, audio, music and films from one media format to another. The website is very nice and easy to use, it includes everything you really need. You don't have to download any software and install it on your computer, there's only one website. With the help of this superb video converter, you can convert your files in an instant.


What Exactly Is FLV?

FLV is a popular video format currently developed by Adobe Systems. It stands for Flash Video. The format is mostly used in Adobe Flash Player as well as in Adobe Air, which is a tool for transferring video and audio data on the internet. FLV is a legacy file format, which means it was used a lot in the past. There still may be a lot of FLV files around, and you might need some if you work with Flash.


How to Convert VIDEO TO FLV?

Using, converting files to FLV is very easy. You have to select the target format and upload your video. Select "FLV" in the "Free Video Converter Online" box, then click "Open File" to upload your video file. Then press "Convert Now". You can change the resolution if necessary. Finally, you will receive your new FLV file.


Security and Convenience

Whenever you're using the, all your files are processed absolutely securely. You can be sure that your data remains safe and secure. The files are not published and not shared with anyone. The platform is also very convenient: the entire process is automated so you don't have to spend your time configuring and adjusting the settings. Security and convenience are the two major benefits of


Why Convert FLV?

If you work with Adobe Flash, you might need to use a video file in the FLV format. In that case, it is easy to convert another video to FLV.


Alternatively, often you need to have video in some of the more mainstream formats, because FLV may not be supported everywhere. For example, you might want to upload your FLV file to Youtube or to your mobile device. In that case, it makes sense to convert it to a more conventional video format like AVI.


Others Formats vs FLV

There are many alternative video formats other than FLV. AVI is the oldest and most well-known video format, followed by WMV. MKV is another popular file format which is a container format, it allows to contain many different formats in one file. Today, many films are distributed in MKV. Compared to FLV, these file formats are more mainstream and more common, you're more likely to come across them.



If you want to convert your video files fast, is the place to go. With its convenient user interface and fast processing, it is absolutely a no-brainer. Simply upload your video and you can receive it in any video format you like, at no cost at all.