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How to Convert WAV to AMR

  • Step 1 - Upload WAV file
    Select the WAV file from your computer or another device.
  • Step 2 - Choose to AMR
    Choose.AMR the destination format.
  • Step 3 - Download converted AMR file
    Download your converted AMR file.


Quick Strategy for Conversion of WAV TO AMR


The world is shifting towards convenience. No one has the time to go through the complicated procedure for fulfilling the tasks. One of such tasks is file conversion. File conversion is an increasing demand nowadays, regardless of your fields.

No matter whatever field of industry you belong to, you often have to go through form the task of file conversion either for the professional purpose of the personal one. Hence, in such a scenario, do not need to panic at all. Advanced technology has come up with lots of beneficial and exciting tools for you. Such tools are designed with reliable and significant features.

One of such worthy online tool which offers fantastic access and exciting features to users is


Step 1 of File Conversion:


Enjoy relaxing for getting high quality and accurate conversion of WAV to AMR format. You need to ensure one thing that is the quick accessibility of WAV file to you. Hence, you can use it whenever you like for the file conversion purpose.

This audio file is a worthy file format that helps the user to the most in making animations. It comes up with an extension of .wav. After ensuring the accessibility of this file, you need to open up the site of

Please navigate to the option of WAV to AMR and click on it. You will be directed to the page of the conversion of file format from WAV file to AMR file. Upload the Wav file on the tool by clicking on the button of Upload.

An excellent tool is the one whichever multiple uploading options. Hence, here you will get such incredible options for downloading. These include uploading the file directly from any document of your laptop or computer.

If it is not saved on your computer or laptop, then you can upload it from the USB. Attach USB on your device and then click on WAV file for uploading. Another useful option of uploading for the users include the dragging of file. It is quite instant and smooth, which saves time.

The user can also add the file with the mentioning of the site URL at which the file is present. Hence, you can quickly choose the method of your choice as per your suitability and can convert lots of file formats with relaxation.


Step 2 of File Conversion:


After accomplishing the step 1 of file uploading, you need to move to step2. It is none other than the selection of resolution and format. There are multiple options available for resolutions, and hence you must pick the right resolution choice for the output file.

Now, the user has to click on the button of AMR for getting the output file in AMR format. With two simple clicks of selection regarding the resolution and output format, you will get a satisfying outcome. Click on the button of Convert, and it is the right time for the tool for processing your commands.


Step 3 of File Conversion:


You will get the AMR file with .amr file extension as an output. Get the best use of your output file when you choose to click on the button of Download. It will download the file into the system which you can access anytime you like. Indeed, sharing this file with friends, family, or colleagues is super quick with this approach. AMR is the audio file which stands for Adaptive Multi-Rate audio codec. It is a fabulous audio file format that is suitable for speech coding. It is compatible with various 3G devices. 

The user can enjoy using as many voice messages as he likes. This audio file contains the header of 6-byte. Most suitable and compatible programs with AMR file format includes VLS Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime, AMR Player, and Open Source software. It works for both Android and Apple devices. With such a simple strategy of file conversion, you can convert plenty of WAV file formats to AMR file format.